Two years ago, we wanted to switch to electric bicycles because we had difficulty traveling on hilly roads with our bicycles. We could not afford to throw away our bikes in order to have an electric bicycle. When we look at the conversion sets; it was difficult to find a set that would fit our bikes and the prices of the sets were challenging us. Drawing on our six years of engineering career in electric vehicles, we decided to roll up our sleeves for an easily installable, economical conversion product.

After more than a year of R&D, Byqee was born on our computer screens. We already had a bike and our goal was clear; To design an electric bike conversion kit that can be easily installed, fits any bike, has a portable compact battery and is affordable for everyone!


We built our first prototype and started using it in our daily life and the pleasure we got was extraordinary. Our next goal was to deliver this enjoyable freedom to every bicycle user,

and ITU Çekirdek, one of the world's top five pre-incubation centers, opened its doors to us.


With our engineering experience and dynamic core staff, we made Byqee ready to meet you by passing all tests. Our aim is to join hands with you and electrify your bicycle with the best quality, the most aesthetic and the most affordable price with "joint production"!


More than 40% of car trips in the world are made for distances of less than 5 km. The vast majority of these trips are one-man. These trips with electric bicycles are both healthier and more environmentally friendly.


Let's offer our world a more sustainable option together. You choose the bike you want, let's electrify it together with Byqee!


Before end; You can always contact us!


With freedom, enjoyable rides ...