Byqee "Pro" Pack

Byqee "Pro" Pack

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VAT Included

"Pro" package provides 45km range with only 1.8kg portable battery pack.

With the "Pro" package, you can create the most ideal electric bike for longer journeys with less charge cycles.

No matter which type of bike you have, you can create your Byqee with fully compatible components. If your rim dimension is between 16-28" and fork size is between 74-100mm, there is nothing to stop you make your conversion!


Byqee motor with 36V 250W power is a little more effective from other hub motors of the same power.

Byqee motor, which can reach 350W peak power on hills, works in a hill monster mode by providing maximum torque up to 45Nm! On a straight road, you can easily reach a speed of 25 km/h

We have designed the simplest, most stylish, most compact and easiest to assembly portable battery pack for you.


"Pro" package battery pack; It won't let you down with its 36V 8.7Ah capacity.


When you park your bike, you can easily take it out from bracket. The Byqee battery pack is so compact that it fits easily in your bag and comes with you wherever you go. Fully charges in just 4.5 hours at any household electric socket!

Technical Features

Battery Pack

Nominal Voltage: 36V

Maximum Voltage: 42V

Capacity: 5.8Ah

Charging Time: 3 Hours

Average 90% Capacity Protection: 2 Years

Lifetime: 5 Years


Nominal Gerilim: 36V

Nominal Güç: 250W

Peak Güç: 350W

Maksimum Tork: 45Nm

Maksimum Hız: 25km/sa

Fren Uyumu: Disk/V

What's in the Box?

Byqee "Base" Battery Pack
Throttle with Indicator
Bracket (Battery Pack Slot)

Byqee Motorized Front Wheel


Rain Cover

Spare Handle
Tire Change Leveler
Installation and User's Guide

...and maybe some gifts!

How to Assemble?