Byqee "Base" Pack

Byqee "Base" Pack

₺3,990.00 Regular Price
₺3,340.00Sale Price
VAT Included

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"Base" package can reach 30km range in economical use with pedal support. You can find the ideal solution for daily use or public transportation integrated rides in the "base" package.


This package provides full compatibility to your bicycles with 74-100mm fork width and 16-28" rim size.


Remember; You can take your Byqee in your bag and charge it wherever you go!


After your order, do not forget to enter your contact information so that we can produce your Byqee suitable for your bike.


Have a nice ride!


Pre-Order Plugin:


For "74mm motor" and "non-standard rim" options that are not reflected in the prepayment, an additional fee is charged at the final payment. "100mm motor" and "20,26,700C" rim sizes are standard and there is no additional charge for these orders.


74mm motor surcharge: +390 TL (VAT included)


Non-standard rim surcharge: +190 TL (VAT included)